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About Newport Township

Newport Township is a First Class Township and consists of five unique towns: Alden, Glen Lyon, Lee, Ridgeview/Sheatown and Wanamie,  each with their own individual needs. It covers an area of 16.8 square miles, and houses about 5,006 people. including 800 plus prisoners. There are approximately 1,789 households and 1,118 families residing here at the 2000 census.


The commissioners strive to make Newport Township a progressive community by adopting the Uniform Construction Code and Property Maintenance Code. Examples of codes are: residential building, commercial building and property maintenance. In addition, we also have a Nuisance Ordinance. The codes are concerned with the health, safety and welfare of Township residents.


The Township offers full time fire and police protection. The Fire Dept. has 2 full time drivers, 9 part time drivers, 43 regular and 5 junior members. The Police dept. has 4 full time officers and 2 part time officers. The Dept. of Public Works consists of 1 Supervisor, 2 Full Time employees and 2 Part Time employees.

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