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Jeremy Blank

Our Mission is

Protection of life, preservation of peace and pursuit of justice

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Newport Township Police Department is a local Police Department serving Glen Lyon, Wanamie, Alden, Sheatown, Ridgeview and Lee covering 16.8 square miles and serving over 5,000 residents. The department enforces state and local laws along with assisting other agencies including code enforcement and child services.

Besides 24 hour patrol officer response, the department currently has several officers trained in specialty areas including criminal investigations, processing crime scenes, accident investigation, narcotics enforcement, and traffic enforcement.



Badge of Honor: Jeremy Blank
August 14, 2018 timesleader Local, News 1


Police officers live by the creed to ‘Protect and to Serve.’
Newport Township Police Chief Jeremy Blank takes it to heart.
For the past five years, the Glen Lyon native has served as the chief of police in Newport Township. However, he wasn’t always a member of law enforcement.
“I actually started as an EMS rescuer before becoming a police officer,” Blank said. “Being near a scanner, helping people and interacting with police made me want to make the career shift.”
Blank was appointed chief of police by the township’s Board of Commissioners on Jan. 1, 2013, after serving the municipality as a part-time officer.
Being the chief of police, Blank has to make sure he keeps everyone happy.
“The hardest part of my job is keeping everyone happy,” Blank said. “But I have great officers, residents and commissioners that make my job worth doing.”
According to statistics shown on www.niche.com, under the leadership of Blank violent crimes and property crimes are below national averages.
The nine-year law enforcement veteran personifies what it’s like to be in the ‘people business.’ When Blank is not working, he spends his free time volunteering with local organizations and youth sports.
“Everything I do is for the community,” Blank mentioned.
Two of the organizations Blank is involved with include the Sons of the American Legion and the Newport Township Lions Club.
“I’m actually the secretary of the Lions Club,” Blank said. “It’s a nonprofit organization that helps raise funds for children and elderly residents of Newport Township. We host bingo parties and help with medical bills.”
The chief was caught off guard when he found out that he was nominated to be honored in the Times Leader’s Badge of Honor special section.
“I don’t look for the glory,” Blank said. “I do it because it’s my job. But I was humbled when I got the news.”


The Newport Township Police Department does not handle civil issues. Such as:

    Landlord/Tenant Issues
    Property Issues
    Owed Rent
    Child Custody (If custody order is not in place)
    Utility Issues (Electric, Gas, Water, Cable, Phone, Heat)


Winter Weather


Winter Weather Conditions Contribute to a Majority of Motor Vehicle Accidents. To prevent accidents, injuries and damage to property please abide by these suggestions:
1. Slow down and allow for extra driving time, don't rush to get to your destination.
2. Give yourself good distance from the vehicle in front of you in case you need to stop quickly.
3. Use snow tires and be sure your brake pads are in good condition. A vehicle with bald tires is useless in the snow. While 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles may have better traction in the snow, they have the same difficulty stopping in bad weather.
4. Call 911 immediately if you see a vehicle that has traveled off the roadway and may need assistance.


Thefts During the Holiday Season


Most thefts occur in large retail outlets but not always. While we save our money to buy gifts for the holidays, criminals steal from our cars, houses and porches. Follow these tips to keep your gifts safe this holiday season:
1. Do not leave gifts in your car overnight. Remove them as soon as you return home from the store. If you must leave gifts in your car, cover them with a blanket or sheet.
2. When shopping on the internet, be sure the site is protected and legitimate. If a package is delivered by UPS, FEDEX, etc., bring it in quickly. If possible, have it delivered to work where someone can sign for it.
3. Be discreet when paying for purchases. Do not pull out a large amount of cash. When entering your PIN on a debit card, be sure no one is looking over your shoulder. Do not put your signature on your credit cards, instead sign "request identification".


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