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Newport Township Manager

Mr. Joe Hillan














Thank you to the Township Residents who take Pride in their Property.

On behalf of the Newport Township Board of Commissioners and Township Manager I would like to recognize Township residents that have taken time and effort to maintain their property. The Township is making great strides in improving the quality of life for our residents. This can be seen by three highly visible projects; the continual emphasis on removing blighted properties, repaving our street network, and constructing the Glen Lyon Main Street sidewalks.
We would like to thank Newport United for initiating the Hometown Hero Banner program. This annual project has shown the Township as well as the residents support for the recognition of our Veterans.
So, what are our residents doing to get involved and be part of the Newport Revitalization effort?
Residents are demonstrating home ownership pride by renovating, repairing, and restoring older properties along with new property development. Emphasis on continual quality of  life  improvement can be demonstrated by weekly activities include lawn and tree trimming, attention to removal of debris and clutter along with cleaning public areas in our neighborhood.
Not only does this effort result in a safer community but also enhances the environment.

I strongly urge all residents, including residents who are renting properties to join the Township’s efforts in making Newport Township a more vibrant community in which we all can call home. 
Thanks to all for your effort.


Joe Hillan
Township Manager


Railroad Street Drainage Project

Recently the long awaited improvements to the very dangerous Railroad Street Drainage culvert have been completed. With the help of Senator John Yudichak, Representative Gerald Mullery along with the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority the Newport Township Board of Commissioners were able to secure over $300,000.00 to bring this project to fruition. The macadam walkway that has been installed is intended just for that purpose it is not to be used for a parking or driving area. I am asking your help in trying to enforce these rules. By avoiding parking and driving on the pavement this will extend the life of the new macadam. Thank you for your co-operation in regards to this matter. 


Joe Hillan
Township Manager

Newport United would like to thank everyone who has donated to date towards the Beautification project and Coal Miner Statue at entrance to the Municipal Building.
Click to see our new list of donations!

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